[PAYMENT TEST] Applied Women's Physiology & Training 8 Week Online Course

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Spring Semester Starts March 31st And Is Now Open for Registration! 

AWPT is an 8-Week Online Certification Focused on Applied Women's Physiology & Training.

Do you want to learn how a Woman’s unique anatomy & physiology affects her training?
Do you want to know the safest practices and most up-to-date research on how to train pregnant Women & post-partum?
Do you want to know what considerations to make in terms of training & nutrition at different stages of a Woman’s life?

The 8-week online course covers all of the following modules:

  1. Anatomy, Physiology & Biomechanics
  2. Training & Programming
  3. Nutrition & Dieting
  4. Periods & Hormones
  5. Training During Pregnancy
  6. Post-Partum & Pelvic Floor
  7. Common Conditions & Precautions
  8. Training throughout the Lifespan

To maximize your learning potential, this course includes:

  • Weekly Live Lectures with Kayla
  • Interactive Workshops
  • AWPT Workbooks
  • AWPT Certification
  • Access to AWPT Alumni 

This course is for ANYONE who is interested in learning all about the current research and best practices for training Women. Whether you are a trainer, coach, student, clinician, athlete or enthusiastic gym goer - this course is all encompassing and gives you the tools necessary for practical application with your clients or yourself.

Get AWPT Certified & Take Your Fitness Career to the Next Level! 

*(If you need to break this course up into a payment plan - please email info@kaylaleephysio.com)



See What Past Graduates Have Been Saying About Their Experience With This Course:

"I have learned so much. One of the areas it as really helped me with is to be able to have deeper conversation with my email clients…. It has really helped me talk through things with more confidence. I’m really glad I took this course!"



"I really enjoyed the lectures! Kayla is so easy to listen to and the hour flies by! The information is made very digestible. 10/10!"



"Halfway through and I’m loving every minute of the course, It’s crazy just how much there really is to think about when it comes to females and their physiology! I find that you present it al really well and in a way that is engaging for the whole lecture. I’m really glad I chose to do this course. I have learned so much already that has been invaluable not only as a coach but as a young woman, too. Thank you so much!"



"I absolutely loved the course! [Kayla] goes into so much depth with all the topics but explains it all so well. I’m loving being able to pass what I’m learning on to my clients and see what they really appreciate the information as well."



"Kayla was made to educate! I’ve done a lot of study, but the way [Kayla] explain complex concepts so eloquently and efficiently makes this course so enjoyable and easy to digest."



"Kayla is an amazing teacher!"